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Accounting and Book Keeping Services

Regain financial control with the assistance of our Virtual Accounting and Book keeping Services.

Are you a business owner or start-up struggling to keep your bookkeeping updated? Is your team having trouble keeping up with the increased workload from expansion? So, hire our Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant to manage your bookkeeping tasks quickly and easily. They help businesses to stay on top of their financials and better manage their operations.

We handle all your bookkeeping tasks, so you can focus on growing your business. We provide top-notch bookkeeping services to meet all of your requirements. Our team of professionals helps you streamline your financial processes and save time for other tasks.

How can our Virtual Accounting and Book keeping Assistant Services benefit you?

Discover the core virtual services offered by our Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants at Precise Virtual Team. Kickstart your bookkeeping strategy today and build an all-star team with us. With the expertise of our talented Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants, you can effortlessly manage and maintain accurate financial records.

Our Bookkeeping Services Includes

Maintain Financial Records

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals in the field.

Income & Expenses Tracking

With the support of our Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant, you can rest assured that all financial inflows and outflows are accurately and promptly tracked in a well-organized manner. This ensures a transparent record of income and expenses, guaranteeing complete financial transparency for your business.

Tax Filing

Rely on our Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant to prepare your financial reports for tax filing, ensuring that all essential documentation is correctly filed for your annual taxes. Let them handle the paperwork, saving you time and energy during the tax-filing process.

Bills Payment

Keeping track of bills can be a daunting task, especially for busy business owners. With our Virtual Assistant Bookkeeper, you can rest easy as they manage due dates and handle bill payments, ensuring you never miss an important deadline and allowing you to concentrate on other crucial tasks.

Create Financial Statements

Informed decisions and business success are reliant on financial statements. Our Bookkeeping VAs can generate precise profit and loss or balance sheet reports, providing businesses with a clear understanding of their financial status and aiding in effective planning.

Prepare & Send Invoice

From creating and tracking invoices to ensuring timely payments, our Bookkeeping VAs handle it all. They streamline the process of invoice generation and payment collection, freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks. Let them take care of your invoicing needs, so you can focus on what matters most for your business.

Manage Revenue Expenditure

Handling revenue expenditure can be costly and time-consuming. That's why our advanced virtual assistants for bookkeeping excel in managing sophisticated tasks, such as aligning expenses with revenue using the matching principle. Trust them to efficiently handle these intricacies and ensure accurate financial tracking for your business.

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

To maintain cash availability and ensure your business remains profitable, bank and credit card reconciliation are crucial. Our Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants assist you in avoiding legal penalties by meticulously tracking wired transactions, identifying forged checks, and preventing cash shortfalls. Trust them to safeguard your financial well-being and keep your business on a profitable path.

Year-end Bookkeeping

Avoid costly tax mistakes with accurate year-end transaction recording. Our Bookkeeping VAs keep businesses organized, making tax season audit preparation a breeze. Focus on your business's success with peace of mind.


The process of recording financial transactions and creating financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements, is known as bookkeeping services. These are the services that bookkeepers usually provide; among their responsibilities could be managing the daily cash flow. entering financial data into a computer program.

Bookkeeping with only one entry. For small startups, sole proprietorships, and businesses with little or no transaction activity, the single-entry bookkeeping system is frequently chosen. …
Dual-entry accounting.

For a single transaction to be documented, two entries must be made. Additionally, debits and credits must always equal one another numerically. Although this complexity can be more expensive and time-consuming initially, single-entry accounting ultimately proves to be less advantageous for a business.

In short, remote accounting is the practice of a business outsourcing its bookkeeping requirements. A distant, virtual bookkeeping company can complete it from anywhere in the world, or a remote, local bookkeeping company can complete it from their location.

Yes, there is a growing need for virtual bookkeepers as more companies permit or even mandate remote work for their staff.

The cost of virtual bookkeepers is less than that of in-house bookkeepers. A virtual bookkeeper’s fee may vary from company to company.

To save time, small business owners utilize virtual bookkeeping. Every entrepreneur is aware that the amount of hours in a day is their most limited resource. One of the simplest company duties to assign successfully is keeping the books current.

Using bookkeeping and accounting software to access an organization’s financial information and documents online, remote bookkeeping involves entering daily data, creating reports, and paying bills and invoices from a distance.

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