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Managing so many activities central to the smooth running of your business can be stressful when you are in the fast-moving environment of the real estate business. These days, real estate agents are beeping busy bees, expected to do everything from administrative work to marketing. This is where a real estate virtual assistant (VA) can help you turn things around. Real estate agents can focus on what they do best by delegating specific tasks to a VA: sealing business and formulating rapport.

Below are some Top Tasks Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Handle

1. Administrative Support

The core of any efficient real estate work consists of numerous administrative activities that are undoubtedly rather time-consuming. These tasks can be outsourced to real estate VAs so that the agents can focus on clients and sales.

Key Tasks:

2. Marketing Assistance

A good website and social media pages, for instance, are important tools in the modern world, especially in the sale and renting of houses. Marketing is another area where virtual assistants can assist as they can contribute to any form of marketing to extend your property’s exposure and attract new clients.

Key Tasks:

3. Lead Generation and Management

Leads are crucial whether in creating a new business or expanding an existing one and that is why it is essential to know the strategies of generating and managing them in real estate business. A VA can be helpful in lead generation activities so that you always have a pool of prospective customers on hand.

Key Tasks:

4. Customer Service

One of the main reasons addressing clients’ needs is critical so that they will continue to patronize the business. As for the customer service aspect, real estate VAs can also perform several tasks to enhance the clients’ satisfaction.

Key Tasks:

5. Transaction Coordination

Real estate transaction is a sequence of actions and it can be rather difficult to complete it even in its simplest version. A VA can be of great assistance in terms of coordinating everything from beginning to end, and reduce any inconveniences greatly.

Key Tasks:

6. Property Management

Specifically for agents who also operate their rental businesses, a VA can be an admirable asset. They can perform several chores that concern property management; this makes it easier to manage many properties.

Key Tasks:

7. Research and Data Analysis

It is, therefore, necessary for owners who are interested in their properties’ value to learn some trends in the market. Virtual assistants can also help with research and data analysis tasks, making important information available to guide your decisions.

Key Tasks:
Carrying out surveys and compilation of market data
Market data on property values and future tendencies
Preparing reports and presentations
Competitive analysis and market environment
Collecting information about the possible investment locations


It is probably going to boost your efficiency and productivity when you hire a real estate virtual assistant. If you delegate such high-utility activities to a VA, you can concentrate on expanding your business, strengthening the relationship with your clients, as well as increasing sales. No matter if you require assistance in administrative work, promotion of your business, or identifying potential clients or if you found the clients but require someone to handle the paperwork, a professional virtual assistant can add great value to your real estate business.

That is why, at VAA On Demand 247, you will obtain dedicated and experienced virtual assistants for your business success. Contact HO Hyper to know how we can help your real estate business.

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