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For a long time, accountants have been crucial to companies’ financial stability. They manage labor-intensive but crucial duties like tax compliance and bookkeeping for businesses across all sectors.

The job is still essential today, even in the digital age. Naturally, accounting practices have changed over time, incorporating technology into each stage of the accounting procedure. With the availability of digital tools, accountants can enhance their efficiency and broaden their service offerings by handling financial records, data analytics, and other standard accounting responsibilities. Additionally, it has enabled them to work with remote talents, such as an accounting virtual assistant (VA), to cross more items off their to-do list and concentrate more on their higher-level duties.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a remote professional who assists clients, ranging from businesses to independent contractors. VAs can be found anywhere in the world if they have a reliable internet connection, a personal computer, and noise-canceling headphones, among other requirements. This is because they work remotely.

There are many advantages for clients using a remote workforce. They may draw from a larger talent pool—a truly global talent pool—in the first place. Employers who use VAs are no longer limited to selecting candidates from a particular state or city. Instead, they can concentrate on screening based on pertinent job experience and competencies.

This approach is an excellent substitute for recruiting employees directly from the office because it is very affordable.

What is an accountant’s virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants (VAs) can support clients in almost any business and work on a wide range of duties. There are virtual assistants (VAs) that specialize in real estate, e-commerce, and yes, accountancy.

A virtual accounting assistant can help accountants expand their firm by taking on online-only responsibilities, such as client management and administrative support. They take care of tedious but normal chores, freeing up accounting clients to concentrate on their areas of specialty and expand their accounting services businesses.

The jobs that virtual assistants for accountants can perform are as follows:

The advantages of remote work for accountants

For accountants, hiring a virtual assistant (VA) or VA team is a great idea. VA staffing is quite advantageous for accounting professionals looking to expand their businesses and compete in today’s cutting-edge, highly digital accounting industry, both in terms of cost savings and increased productivity.

Employing remote workers might help you save money.
Accounting specialists can acquire the assistance they require without going over budget on labor thanks to remote staffing.

Virtual assistants are available for hire by accountants worldwide. Additionally, they can employ VAs on a project- or part-time basis. Thus, the accounting virtual assistants (VAs) will only put in the time—and be paid for it—when their clients require them to. The costs associated with traditional hiring are also eliminated when working with remote personnel. Clients won’t have to shell out extra money for new hire-related expenses like uniforms, office supplies, and allowances.

Recruit specialists for the group

Sometimes a particular expertise is hard to come by in the workforce of an accounting firm. Finding the ideal candidate within a talent pool that is constrained by state or city boundaries can also be difficult.

An accountant has a higher chance of locating the best personnel from a worldwide candidate pool if they wish to recruit subject matter expertise. Businesses can hire precisely who they need, when they need them, and save money by doing away with geographic restrictions.

The hiring of VAs can play a significant role in the expansion of an accounting business. By handling duties like data entry, simple bookkeeping, and appointment scheduling that don’t require the accountant’s direct involvement, virtual assistants (VAs) help boost productivity and capacity.

Accountants can grow and serve a larger clientele without compromising the caliber of their services because of this delegation. Alternatively, businesses might refocus their efforts and resources on innovative technology that can aid in the digitization of further procedures and portfolio diversification.

Why choose Precise Virtual Teams?

We’ve helped over 2,900 clients find the right VAs for them.” “We can do the same for accounting professionals, too,” she continues. Accountants may receive top-notch remote talent without taking too much time away from their business by collaborating with our knowledgeable team. Furthermore, we offer more services than only connecting accountants with their virtual assistants for accounting. Additionally, we provide top-notch end-to-end remote staffing solutions, such as:

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